Looking for an opportunity to Showcase your talent in Blogging

Asia Blog Awards 

Looking for an opportunity to Showcase your talent in Blogging but it feels like a dream? It's finally time for all the Bloggers out there to give shape to this dream of theirs. 

With Asia Blog awards, all the Bloggers and vloggers have this unimaginable chance to not just showcase their talent in Blogging, but also the chance of being titled Asia's best Blogger. Taking into consideration all the sectors of life, this Award  provides the opportunity to every individual Blogger to get recognition at an International level for their social Media achievements. Bloggers from all fields of life are welcome to be a part of this award and get recognition, spread his / her network of Blogging and get introduced to brands across the Asian continent. This stage also offers the Bloggers to get inspired by worldwide resources of Blogging in their respective fields. Apart from individual Bloggers, Asia Blog awards also takes into account the companies or organizations that take interest in delivering Blogs in their field of work.

A Blog Created by an individual or a duo for Businesses or out of Passion and interest will be taken under the category of individual Blogs. If the Blogs are being edited and re-edited by more than five regular guests, the Blog will be categorized under a company or organizational Blog. The content of the Blog must always remain authentic to the Bloggers, whether singular or Organizational.
The following are the criteria for the Asia Blog Awards - 

a) Publication of the Blog is completely dependant on the individual Blogger or the organization. The number of votes bagged by each Blog will depend solely on the Bloggers, as to how well they publicize their Blog and grab votes. This voting is open to general public. 

b) After the public voting line closes, 10 Blogs and vlogs with maximum number of votes will be forwarded to the panel of judges. 

The Jury constitutes of 4-5 industry judges and the organizer of Asia Blog awards, who judge on the basis of content and authenticity of the Blog. 

It is suggested for the Bloggers to register themselves under the category of Aviation, Travel, Culture and Arts, if their Blog or vlog is about Theatre, museums, music, books, libraries, modern art, crafts, dance, cinema, sculpture etc. 
Under the category of automotive industry, one is requested to add Blogs relevant to Cars, motor bikes, rally driving, mechanics, automotive reviews, performance vehicles, unusual modes of transport, eco transport, public transport and the like. 

The category of dating shall include the Blogs related to Relationship, advice, breakups and marriage. 

Under the category of digital technology, the Blogs about Mobile, Government technology, security and advice, computing, gadgets are added.
Education industry is a category including the Blogs relevant to Teaching methods, educational subjects, universities, healthy education, curriculum and the like. 

Fashion and beauty is categorized with Blogs about Fashion designing, clothing, footwear, accessories, seasonal fashion, retail, beauty, make up, etc. 

The category of food and drinks include the Blogs about recipes, baking, organic food development etc
The category of Green and Eco industry counts on the Blogs relevant  to environment, resource utility, greenery, sustainability, conservation of resources, saving of the planet. 
The category of Health and Social Care include Blogs about 

rehabilitation centers, mental health, physical activity, emotional wellbeing, diet, obesity, fitness, public heath
The category of Photography has Blogs related to landscape, motion, nature and wildlife, HDR, high speed, macro, time-lapse. 

The category of sports has Blogs for the topics about gym, workouts, exercise, yoga. 

The category of Travel makes itself attractive with the Blogs about Tourism, backpacking, world tour, vacation, destinations, cultures etc. 

The category of Wedding and Events count if Blogs having 
information about wedding planner, bridal, decor, wedding 
accessories, venues etc. 

Under each category, there will be two awards for the Bloggers to grab