Blogger Awards

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Blogger Awards

We all get to learn many things by ourselves, as life teaches you so much and you ought to get through that phase and leaves behind a moral that may help you to face some other phase in your life. There are many such experiences that one may experience and they would like to share their experience to his friends, family members etc., but the same can be done to the large population and help them to know about different things that happen around the world. And the knowledge more you share the wiser you become.

Sharing of one's thoughts, one's experiences, one's knowledge at a place where the readers can read globally and that platform is known as blogging. A person who may be interested in shopping can make her own blog and write the arrivals of the new stock in a particular mall and the sales that have been put up recently and this will help the readers to know and they can go and shop if they wanted to. The same goes with any passion or any hobby like there are may blog on cooking, where all Indian woman is amazing in this they can come up with their own blog and share their yummy recipes in their Blog and the readers can get a taste of one your innovative dishes.

There are various types of Bloggers around the world starting from cooking to the craziest adventure experiences that one share and motivate others also to try them so that even they get to experience.  Bloggers get a chance to even earn from these sites, the more innovative the blog is the number of readers and the more they get to earn. People who may be shy and cannot bring out their talents can choose to blog to showcase their talents as well like they can post their arts in their blog, some can also be good in giving philosophies but may not be able to share before a huge media through blogging that problem can be eradicated.

Alfa bloggers are coming up with a new concept blogger awards where they will give appreciation and awarded to those bloggers who have been inspiring the people around the world with their words and skills and passion. And these awards will help these bloggers self-motivated and work more efficiently and have the sense of selflessness and give a hand to help others who may be in need. 


By: Akkumahanthi Sowmya
      BBA Second year, Bhavan's
Twitter: @sowmya_12